Unit of Billing SDRC Rate
Islet Isolation with Histopaque per mouse $74
Islet Isolation without Histopaque per mouse $62
Islet Handpicking after Hihstopaque per mouse $15

Islet Handpicking without Histopaque
per mouse $55
Islet Perifusion per channel $166
Islet Transplantation per mouse $35 1st mouse, $25 2nd-4th mouse
Islet Flow Cytometry per mouse $65
Static Islet Incubation per sample $90
Islet RNA Isolation per extraction $65
Islet Culture per islet set $63
Islet Embedding per 1-4 sets $76
Islet Hormone Assay per sample $9
Human Islet Procurement per islet equivalent $0.11
Training in Islet Procedures (after limit of staff effort/year) per hour $31.40 Senior personnel, $28.24 Staff Research Assistant